Unless your deed or FRI lease stipulates the proportion of Insurance contribution your landlord is to charge you, this will always be 'a fair proportion' of the policy the landlord has taken out on the building your property is located within.


With regards to the portfolios we operate across South London, our holdings are separated among 7+ special purpose vehicles, private individuals and holding companies. This means each building is insured as part of a larger multi-policy for each of these separate legal entities. As a result premiums may be different from similar properties in the area or otherwise given the spread of the type, size, location and previous claims of other properties within a single multi-policy. 


For portfolios of this size we use dedicated specialist brokers to manage premiums and renewals, it is not a case of simply swapping to Direct Line (though we have tried!).


Over the course of the next 12-18 months, we are completing restructuring our holdings which as an ancillary benefit to our tenants, will result in new brokers and lower premiums. Watch this space!