The Wilbridge Group is a real estate development and investment group. As such we harness the latest offerings in technology and innovative business models to offer an improved property management service both for our tenants' benefit and our own resources (staffing hours). Win-win.

We deploy a unique system of integrated support software and trained remote support team technicians. Unlike most property managers, this enables us to help our tenants and leaseholders quickly and efficiently remotely out-of-hours without losing time and resources.

We strive to deliver maximum utility to our tenants by doing away with the ping-pong of telephone calls and follow-ups given all communication and agreements should be made in writing following such phone calls.

This allows us to focus our staffing resources on actually solving queries for our tenants/leaseholders.

Our manned ticket system provides quick and easy support, superior to telephone calls and follow-ups and without losing track of endless and often missed email threads.

If you are a commercial tenant or leaseholder, please submit a support ticket.