To use PropertyFile to report maintenance issues, load your PropertyFile app or portal - in this example we will use the app but it is the same layout on the browser portal:


1. First select the Maintenance tab at the bottom

2. Then click the wrench icon top-right to bring up a list of issues to report



3. Work through the relevant issue screen to choose exactly what your issue relates to


4. After reporting an issue you will be asked to provide more information and photos (if applicable) - the more information you provide, the quicker we can sort your issue. You will be updated when the issue has been acknowledged and when a contractor will contact you to arrange a site visit.

Your app will say a contractor will attend on the same day it is acknowledged. This is not accurate as the contractor will call you first to arrange a suitable time.



EMERGENCIES (Specific issues & Out-of-hours)

Some issues are automatically flagged as Emergencies and will give you instructions how to contact our emergency contractors who will cover the issue. Please note that if relating to plumbing and electricity, there is an excess of £50 to pay when making the booking. This is so that you can call directly yourself if out of hours (8.30am - 5.30pm Mon-Fri) - we will then refund you the £50 excess.


Alternatively if the issue is not urgent, then select a less serious issue and we will book in the job, pay the excess and give you a job number to arrange a suitable time with the contractor for a site visit.





If the job you select is urgent and after-hours, you will be given the option to escalate the issue to a 'serious' one. You will then be provided with emergency contact details.