If you have provided valid notice to vacate your property and we have agreed, then there are few steps to ensure your moving-out runs smoothly:


1) All our properties are professionally cleaned (including carpets) before tenants move in, therefore they need to be returned to this condition on vacating. Please ensure you arrange professional, end-of-tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning just before your meeting with the inventory clerk at check-out. If you would prefer we do this, please let us know by submitting a request and we will deduct it from your deposit.


2) Contact your gas, water and electricity providers and notify them you are moving out and the exact day your notice expires.


3) Make yourself available at a suitable time as agreed with our inventory clerk (who will call you). Our inventory clerk will check you out of the property by carrying out a final schedule of condition with you present and finish by taking the keys from you.


4) Enjoy your future home wherever it may be!