From the Meterpay Tenant Portal you can register your credit or debit card to use it to automatically top-up your meter when your credit runs low.


You can register for an account by visiting and clicking on the “Tenant Meter Portal” button on the page.  This will take you to the Meterpay sign in page. 

  1. The first stage is to create your own Meterpay account by clicking the option to register a new account.

  2. The second stage is to use your email and password to sign into your account, then you will need to click where it says “Meterpay Consumer Application” in blue writing. We will then notify you by email that you are now assigned to your meter.

Once assigned, you can use the Tenant Meter Portal



It is very important to remember to cancel your auto top-up when you end your tenancy as we cannot refund any credits to the meter.