This article is only relevant to you if your property is supplied by an ISKRA smart pre-payment meter as shown below.

Introducing Your Smart Electricity Meter

Model Iskra ME382


Your flat is fitted with the latest technology in Smart Electricity meters.  This is far more convenient to use than alternative systems (coin and card prepayment meters), and it enables us to supply you with electricity at a very competitive tariff.   



How to View Your Credit 

The meter display will normally show the available credit in pence.

The meter in the picture above has £18.96 in credit.

If the black triangle flag above the letters EC (emergency credit) is shown, but not flashing, then the meter is already on Emergency Credit and will need to be topped-up very soon to maintain supply.

If the blue button has been pushed recently, it is possible that the meter is not displaying the Credit.  If you suspect that this is the case, then leave the meter for three minutes and look at it again.  Alternatively, you can hold down the blue button until the display says “ESC” and then it will show the available Credit.



How to Use Emergency Credit 

When the credit has nearly run out the black triangle flag above the letters “EC” will start flashing.  You can activate the emergency credit by pushing the blue button down until the display says “Credit” – this may take up to 10 seconds. 

Release the button and the display will say “EC Select”. This confirms that the meter is now running on Emergency Credit, giving you a short breathing space to top-up the meter before you run out of electricity. 



How to Top Up by Phone 

You can top-up by calling Meterpay's automated Top-up line on 01183 240450 at any time day or night.  You can also just hit the ‘Call Now’ button on the metering page of our website if you visit on a smart phone.  

To top-up you will need: 


  • The serial number of the meter (which is just above the bar code - see photo above)
  • The numbers in your post code, e.g. if your postcode is SM5 2DW, then you will enter 52
  • A credit or debit card



How to Top Up Online


You will need:

  • The serial number of the meter (as above)
  • Your post code
  • A credit or debit card

If you wish to be sent a receipt, you will need to be registered as a Meterpay user. Instructions on how to do so can be found below.



How to set-up Auto Top-Up, View your Tariff and Consumption 

You can register for an account by visiting and clicking on the “Tenant Meter Portal” button on the page.  This will take you to the Meterpay sign in page. 

  1. The first stage is to create your own Meterpay account by clicking the option to register a new account. 
  2. The second stage is to use your email and password to sign into your account, then you will need to click where it says “Meterpay Consumer Application” in blue writing. We will then notify you by email that you are now assigned to your meter.

Once assigned, you can use the Tenant Meter Portal to see your tariff and graphs of your consumption.  

 You can also register your credit or debit card to use it to automatically top-up your meter when your credit runs low.  Although this is very convenient, it is very important to remember to cancel your auto top-up when you end your tenancy as we cannot refund any credits to the meter.


How to Restart the Supply 

If the credit on the meter has fallen to zero, then the electricity supply will have stopped and the meter will show “Connect”.

  • You will need to add credit either by topping up or by using Emergency Credit (if this has not already been used up).
  • Then you can push and hold the blue button until it displays "Enter". The electricity supply will then restart immediately.


A downloadable PDF version of these instructions is available below.